Our sewing rooms allow us to work not only with small and large companies but also emerging designers who are only just embarking on the fashion market. We cooperate with two sewing rooms located in Warsaw which are able to produce samples and short collections from 10 items of each model in different sizes up to 100 items and with a few large sewing rooms, located in different parts of Poland, which are a perfect solution for clients who need even a few thousand items in a short period of time.

We guarantee quality and full repeatability of each collection.

Our sewing rooms are equipped with the newest machines and technology ensuring high quality garments made in compliance with European standards. During the manufacturing process, the product is inspected at each stage by production managers who have been educated and come with experience from Germany, France and Scandinavian countries.

Our sewing contracting services, aimed at both large companies and emerging designers are divided into four programs:
Garment design and development
Prototype/Sample production
Pre- production management and preparation
Production management

Each client is unique and therefore has different needs. Our four sewing contracting programs are designed to be flexible and accommodating. We are ready and equipped to help at each stage of your design process.