You could call it prototyping and it is an essential stage if you are thinking about manufacturing your garment in large numbers. We would advise you make samples even for short runs, as it can help you make sure that the design is exactly as you wish it to be – and see it with your own eyes. It is always better to check how the fabric behaves before going to production.

We offer fitting sampling (where we prepare your design in a fabric similar to the one you wish it to be eventually made of) and real sampling (where we prepare a sample of your design exactly as intended: from your chosen fabric and fully finished). If this is something you are looking for, call us.


If a character is virtual, they still deserve a great outfit. And if their designer can imagine it, we can help them make it a reality – a virtual reality. As with a real fashion item, we make sure the fabric has the right texture, flow and it is cut to perfection. Get in touch and talk to us about what you see your character wearing. We look forward to hearing from you.