This program is perfect for designers and companies who require help with the production and project management stages.

Program “production managment” comprises of the following:
Production of a ‘sew-by’ – to be approved for a production run
Analysis of fabrics in search of irregularities or defects
Production coordination which may include:

Cutting and sewing Finishing touches – colouring, washing, accessorising  Final check of finished garment  Packing – including tagging, boxing and pressing  Deliver to your door

When selecting “production managment” program – we need the following:
All steps completed from program “sample production” and all steps completed from program “pre- production management and preparation”
A copy of all work completed to this stage, particularly if another company was involved. If Pattern Forever did this work and took you through the previous stages, then a copy will not be required.
The approved ‘sew-by’ and pattern which has been finalised for production. In cases where this has been done by ‘Pattern Forever’ and the previous stages have been completed in conjunction with Pattern Forever, this is not necessary.
A copy of the timeline illustrating manufacturer deadlines.