If you are working on your latest collection or developing a whole new line, we can help you make your designs production-ready, faster.

Whatever your starting point, we can assist you and work from your images and sketches, images, vision or theme boards and we can develop patterns to make your designs ready for any market: menswear, female fashions, formal, casual, avant-garde, sportswear… If you have something specific in mind, talk to us about the details of your project!


After you sign off the pattern as ready, we can move on to grading. This means we develop replicas of your design appropriate for a range of sizes.

Technology helps greatly with this stage of the pattern-making process. Precision is everything and CAD based software ensures accuracy. It also speeds the procedure up as we can share the outcomes with you and your chosen manufacturers via email.

Whether you are developing a pattern with us from scratch or just wish to grade an existing pattern, we can help – contact us and lets talk about your vision.


Sustainability is a word that in our vocabulary is very closely connected to fashion. To help make it work, we want to help our clients make the most of every single centimetre (or inch) of fabric they chose to make their garments from. This is where marker making service comes in.

Whatever type of fabric you choose – patterned or plain – we propose the most efficient solution. This also helps you assess the length of fabric (and the cost) needed to produce your design. Interested in mini-markers of full-scale markers?


Cardboard pattern is a classic and there are still many designers out there for whom this is a preferred method of operation. Rest assured, we embrace technology and we are nothing if not appreciative of the traditional, so we can help you with that, too.

Are you an enthusiast of this classic method and in need of a cardboard pattern? Perhaps you would like to create a digital library of your existing cardboard patterns? Get in touch.


Technology moves fast and designers often approach us to digitise their patterns and creations in order to create digital backups of their ideas and to make it easier to share them with other designers, sometimes journalists, and – most often – their manufacturers. We can help you turn your designs and patterns into files of following formats: DXF – AAMA i ASTM and import and export the files of following formats: STMD, HPGL, ISO

Haven’t found what you are after on the list? Give us a call perhaps we can help after all.


When you design, be as creative as you can be – once the pattern is ready, it is our job to make sure your creativity can be accurately replicated when your garment is sent to production.

We produce specification sheets appropriate for each size of your design and our technical drawings include a visual description of the piece.

Interested in supplementing creative fashion design with technical element to make it ready for the market? Contact us.