We support our clients with our know-how helping them finalise their collections faster: from pattern drafting and grading, sewing sample prototypes and sourcing of materials.

What is clothing manufacturing consulting?

Clothing manufacturing consulting is a service available to all clients large and small. Pattern Forever helps big designers as well as emerging designers and individuals who simply have an idea. Once you have an idea, we can help you bring it to life. This idea can be a beautiful wedding dress, a suit jacket, a summer dress, a warm jumper or any garment. It can be an extra garment to add to a collection or just one garment with which to start your collection.

We invite clients to come to us with their idea and we take you and your idea through the pattern making process.

The first stage of manufacturing consulting is to advise, discuss and understand your ‘idea’. Our experts will ask detailed questions about the use of the garment, the fabrics and the clientele the garment is aimed at.

The next stage is about putting the ‘idea’ to paper. This is when the pattern is created after which a sample can be sewn. It is at this stage that you see a ‘real’ version of your idea / design / what was imagined in your mind is now before your eyes. This is a very exciting moment and at the same time a very important stage. It is now that we can adjust, change, modify the pattern to make it perfect and exactly how you visualized it.

Once the pattern is finalized the next stage is to grade the pattern and to provide you with a technical specification ready for sewing. At this stage, we also offer a marker making service ensuring that your manufacturing process is efficient and cost effective.